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Featured here are two of the places that Prestwood Nature are looking after.

New Information Board at Sheepwash Pond

We have also erected a new information board at the Sheepwash Pond.  

New Information Board at Boug’s Meadow

Funded by a generous grant from the Great Missenden Co-op Community Fund,   a new information boad has been erected at Boug’s Meadow showing the history and regeneration of the Meadow.

A talk by Bridget Parslow

Tuesday 18th June 2019 7:30 - 9:30 pm

Bridget has been interested in all aspects of wildlife since the days when she helped her grand- father look after injured animals.

She has cared for bats since 1986 and holds a licence as both a Roost Visitor and Surveyor.

Her talk will include bat biology/ecology and caring for bats and how they use sound (eco-location).

We shall also hear about other crepuscular creatures who spend their lives mainly in the dark.

Rose, a
noctule bat

Great Kingshill Village Hall,  Missenden Road, HP15 6DW

Creatures of the Night

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The board was designed in-house and shows the restoration of the pond and examples of the types of wildlife that might be seen there.

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