We are the Local Environment Group for the area around Prestwood in Buckinghamshire, including Great Missenden,
The Hampdens, The Kingshills, North Dean and Speen

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We aim to protect and enhance the quality of the natural environment through the involvement of local people.

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Prestwood Nature The Local Environment Group for the Prestwood Area

Boug's Meadow

Further information:  Boug’s Meadow restoration plan

In the centre of Great Missenden, next to the public car park is a small piece of land of about 0.3 hectares in which Prestwood Nature is attempting to create a wild flower meadow. It is accessed on its northern boundary via a public footpath. The bed of the capricious River Misbourne crosses the site.

The project began in 2006 when Prestwood Nature was asked to take over the management of the site by its owner, Chiltern District Council. Over the past 10 years work has been carried out with financial support from several grantees/sponsors. In this period PN has held over 50 half-day work parties, which, augmented by concerted individual effort from the project leader has resulted in some 3000 hours of voluntary effort. Much has been achieved.

The old ways are still the best!  Grass cutting at Boug's MeadowThe site now has properly hedged/fenced boundaries, an emergent flower meadow, an airy small copse, 2 benches and a table for public use.

The project is a long one. The soil is of good quality and is therefore as yet unsuitable for wild flowers. By a strict cutting/raking regime we aim to reduce the soil fertility over a period of at least 10 years. During that time we will slowly create our desired wild flower meadow.

Boug’s Meadow is open for everyone to visit and can be accessed from the far end of the car park,  along the path by the electricity sub-station.

Boug’s Meadow History Boug's Meadow History

Boug’s Community Day 2017

In April 2017,  Prestwood Nature was awarded the sum of £2180 from the Co-op Community Fund for restoration work at Boug’s Meadow.   The aim of this phase of the work was to remove an area of top soil in order to reduce its fertility,  divide the area into three small plots and then plant different mixtures of wild flower seeds and plug plants to see which are best suited to this area.

On 22nd September,  we held a Community Day in association with Chiltern Rangers and the local junior school. Chiltern Rangers provided the digger to scrape away the top soil and young people from the school helped plant the seeds and spread hay over them.  

Within a month the first green shoots were beginning to appear!

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Grants by the Co-op Community Fund for Boug’s Meadow

Prestwood Nature has received two awards from the Great Missenden Co-op Community Fund for Boug’s Meadow.   The first, in April 2017, was for £2,180 and this has been spent on the restoration work carried out on the Community Day 2017 described below.

The second award was for £2,600 and this was presented to us on 25th November 2017.    This will go towards financing the next phase of the work and the erection of an information board.