Welcome to Prestwood Nature’s second Junior Wildlife Photo Competition.

After the tremendous success of the 2017 inaugural competition, some of the stunning photos of which are displayed on the 2017 results page, we invite all those up to the age of 16, who are resident or at school in the Prestwood area, to start sending in entries for 2018. Full information on how to do this is given in the box below.

All pictures will be uploaded to the Prestwood Nature Flickr site and some will be shown on our website. In early November we will have an awards presentation at the Prestwood Nature AGM and we also plan a public exhibition of a selection of the pictures.

Photo workshops

As fun events to help you all take better pictures, we are organising some workshops and spot competitions through the year. These will give you the chance to learn or brush up on your techniques with our experienced competition photographers and then practice them in the field.  If you would like to register your interest by emailing us at  or by making an initial entry via the upload form here, we will be pleased to keep you in touch as we finalise the programme.

We will definitely be holding a special workshop at Boug’s Meadow in Great Missenden on National Meadow day, 7 July, so hold this day if you can.  An earlier session in the April School Holiday or May half term break is also being planned. All our various walks (see events) are good opportunities to get pictures if you want to do it in the company of others.

What sort of pictures can I enter?

You can enter any picture of living things in the natural world as long as it is definitely wild. This means that pets, garden flowers and most pictures of farm animals will not qualify. Also, it doesn’t matter how wild a selfie is, the judges may enjoy it, but it won’t count.

There will be two main categories for judging:-

What are the judges looking for in a good picture?

It’s great if the picture can tell a story, capture a moment or even express an emotion which gives the picture an extra appeal. Obviously they will look for good technical quality and which are well composed. If you can get along to any of our workshops, you can learn more about this.

When deciding what pictures to enter, we do recommend being selective and not sending in too many on the same theme. This way, a good picture will stand out more for the judges.

Junior Wildlife Photo Competition - 2018

How do I enter?

Send your picture(s) by email or through our web form (click here). You can send in up to 3 pictures at a time and, when you do so, you give us permission to publish the pictures on Flickr, our website and in other places and give us permission to contact you. There is a full copy of the rules here which contains all the detailed instructions and information.   

If you have any question then please email us at

Name your photo

For us to present your photo to the wide world (and the judges) in the best context, we need a title. It will help if you could put the title and your name in the photo file name when you send it. Use CAPITALS for the TITLE followed by your name in the normal manner. For example, our two gold winners from last year which are shown on the 2017 results page, might be “FALLOW DEER by Isabelle Warren” and “APHIDS ON POPPY by Annie Sutcliffe”.

If this is too tricky for you, just send in your photo with all the required details and we will sort it out.

The competition has now closed and entries can no longer be accepted

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