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Prestwood Nature Talks

Below are listed the talks that Prestwood Nature have put on since May 2014.    Any new talks that have been arranged for the future will appear at the top of the list.





5th November 2019

Prestwood Village Hall

Nature Conservation:  Do we know what we are doing and are we doing enough?

Mick Jones

18th June 2019

Great Kingshill Village Hall

Creatures of the Night

Bridget Parslow

26th February 2019

Damien Hall,
Great Missenden

Red Kites:  Soaring to success

Cathy Rose

6th November 2018

Prestwood Village Hall

Mini-cornfield project and special trees in our area

Tony Marshall

19th June 2018

Great Kingshill Village Hall

Cambridge University Botanic Garden: the origins and current activities of the Botanic Garden

Karen van Oostrum

27th March 2018

Great Missenden Memorial Hall

How to Help Hedgehogs: The talk covered basic hedgehog ecology, their behaviour and conservation.  It also highlighted how everyone can get involved in Helping Hedgehogs.

Phillip Horwood

7th November 2017

Prestwood Village Hall

Fascinating Fungi:  A description of different types of fungi in terms of the shape and colour of their fruiting bodies

Roger Wilding

20th. June 2017

Great Kingshill Village Hall

Rescuing Ratty:  The water vole,  how it lives and the efforts being made to increase their numbers

Julia Lofthouse

28th. March 2017

Great Missenden Memorial Hall

Sex and the Single Flower:   the incredible diversity of our plant life and how different species are faring over time.

Tony Marshall

1st. November 2016

Prestwood Village Hall

The Changing Wildlife of the Chilterns:  A travel through one hundred million years following the story of the Chiltern landscape and its wildlife.

John Tyler

21st. June 2016

Great Kingshill Village Hall

Barn Owls:  Dave is a registered bird ringer and brought along with him a live barn owl

Dave Short

22nd. March 2016

Great Missenden Memorial Hall

Chiltern Woodland Wildlife:  The birds and mammals of a woodland at Speen.

Peter Symonds

3rd. November 2015

Prestwood Village Hall

The Edible Doormouse (Glis glis) - a protected pest:  The history of the Glis glis and how they have spread through the countryside

Dr Pat Morris

22nd. September 2015

Great Kingshill Village Hall

Angling Spring Wood Past and Present:  The history of the wood,  how it was restored and how it should now be managed to keep it healthy.

John Morris

23rd. June 2015

Prestwood Village Hall

Glow-worms:  A description of what they are,  how they live,  where we may see them and how we can protect their environment.

John Tyler

4th. November 2014

Prestwood Village Hall

Chalk Streams of the Chilterns:  The reasons why the River Misbourne flows so rarely at Great Missenden and the steps being taken to preserve the chalk stream.

Allan Beechey

13th. May 2014

Prestwood Village Hall

Biodiversity in a Bottle:  The story of the traditional English orchard.

David Curry